Who We Are

Tessa S. Rapaczynski is the Designer and Director for Miglior Fabbro™.

A graduate of Columbia University, Tessa holds a Masters in English Literature from Oxford University. The idea for Miglior Fabbro™ was born at Oxford, as creative stress-relief from the grueling process of writing a graduate thesis. She is a writer, based in Los Angeles. 

In 2010, frustrated by the jewelry market's saturation with cheap costume rings that cost more than they're worth and turn your fingers green, Tessa set about designing her own pieces with a wholesale jeweler, Donna Sackowitz. The result was an amazing personal collection of rings, and the discovery of a great team.

Donna is an expert wholesale jeweler with 30 years of experience specializing in diamonds and precious stones. 

You have probably already seen jewelry made by Donna without realizing it. She has produced hundreds of pieces for films and TV shows, including The Tourist, Men in Black, The Princess Diaries, Boardwalk Empire, White Collar, 30 Rock and lots and lots of others.

Each Miglior Fabbro™ ring meets the highest standards of both beauty and quality.

Like the works of art that inspired them, Miglior Fabbro™ rings are carefully designed to be tasteful and timeless. Donna works personally with Miglior Fabbro™ to individually select each stone, ensuring that every ring is made with the only the best quality materials. Absolutely nothing is plated; all stones are authentic.